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DF4TA Uniform Drop, Swap & Pick Up

As summer approaches we know that we will see an increase in demand for food support due to parents having to purchase school uniform. This can be a huge burden to some families, so this year we have come up with the DF4T Alliance School Uniform Drop, Swap & Pick Up.

In partnership with Derbion and local projects, we are offering support of school uniforms (where available) to help alleviate the stress on families in our community who are financially struggling to meet the household commitments. If you are working with families that will benefit from this support please encourage them to apply.

We will allocate (where possible) a uniform pack per child this will include: 1 jumper, 2 polo shirts/shirts, 1 pair of trousers/skirt. Additional items may be available upon request. This may include PE Kits. . Please know that we will be in touch with you/client from August to confirm we have their request and make arrangements to collect from Derbion.

Please download posters with all the information on for support and where to donate below:

DF4TA School Uniform appeal poster (423.55 KB)

DF4TA Back To School poster (768.78 KB)

Apply for a Uniform Pack

Applications have now closed.